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Your Essential Compliance Resource

Managing compliance with regulatory mandates and guidelines is critical to minimizing risk for your organization. Staying on top of all the changes though is a challenge. We’re here to help. For the most robust and up-to-date compliance information available from legal analysis to the latest mortgage industry regulatory news, subscribe to our Compliance Edge service. Gain peace of mind by reducing risk, lowering costs, and increasing operational efficiency through well-organized, timely, and actionable information.

Compliance Matrices

Over 20 Separate Matrices Organized by Category for Easy Reference


The Compliance Edge includes matrices on over 20 topics related to mortgage lending compliance to help our clients maintain end-to-end compliance. These matrices will keep you informed on things like what state requirements are for balloon payment loans or prepayment penalty restrictions, and what states you need to have a non-owner spouse sign the mortgage or deed of trust, among other critical compliance issues.


TRID Tools

Essential TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure tools


DocMagic’s Compliance Team works alongside our software developers and forms programmers. Our systems handle TRID-compliant disclosure forms, revised delivery timelines, modified tolerance levels, and record retention requirements. Dynamic forms, data validation and compliance audits are applied for each and every loan program in our system

High Cost Analysis

Detailed breakdown of High Cost/Anti-Predatory lending analysis


The High Cost/Anti-Predatory Lending Page includes the latest regulations and complete state-by-state analysis. DocMagic customers who process loan documents via our systems, benefit from automated High-Cost Tests and higher-priced mortgage loan audits to assist them with not making a high cost or higher-priced mortgage loan.


Federal, FHA, VA and State-Specific Disclosure matrices


The Compliance Edge maintains a complete section of Federal, State, FHA and VA disclosure Matrices as well as disclosure details on other topics. You'll know which disclosures need to be returned in an Application, Adverse Action, Initial, Pre-Closing and Closing Packages. The State-by-State Disclosure Matrix, in particular, is one of the most powerful tools in DocMagic's compliance toolbox.

The Compliance Edge Newsletter

The Compliance Edge Newsletter is an information resource that features regular updates and notifications of the latest legal & regulatory changes affecting the mortgage lending industry. The monthly articles, proprietary matrices, industry-leading information, and a variety of features and forums make it a critical compliance tool. We’re working to keep subscribers well-informed in advance of trending compliance issues.

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Powered by Compliance Expertise

The Compliance Team is involved in the development, implementation, and maintenance of our compliance products and services. Using a variety of methods, the team stays current on the latest laws and regulations and develops the tools and resources our clients rely on stay compliant. DocMagic’s compliance process includes research, analysis and implementation.


The Compliance Team has unlimited access to an array of respected sources. Tracking legal and regulatory changes as they happen, they also maintain relationships with nationally recognized banking and consumer finance attorneys, regularly attending conferences, writing research articles, and when necessary, soliciting opinions from state attorneys general and/or other state regulatory agencies.


Translating research into usable information requires analysis. The Compliance Team studies and evaluates the latest laws and regulations to ensure an accurate understanding of compliance requirements. In addition to our own analysis, DocMagic remains in close contact with representatives of government mortgage lending entities. This access to first-hand knowledge allows for immediate clarification to be passed along to our clients.


Our mission is to create compliance tools and resources to help customers navigate risk, lower costs and efficiently process documents. From the Dodd-Frank Resources Page, State and Federal disclosure matrices, High-Cost/Anti-Predatory Lending information to the many articles and explanations available in The Compliance Edge, complicated legal and regulatory issues have been clarified and organized into logical tools for staying compliant.